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Best Book Ever

Feb 27, 2023

My friends, Covid finally caught up to me this week, and holy moly did it ever knock me on my on my butt. So, today I’m sharing a replay episode. This interview with Jeff Adams was one of my all time favorites - he’s a delightful human, a wonderful podcast host, and an incredibly voracious reader. The book we...

Feb 20, 2023

A quick episode this week with updates about how you can support the podcast and links to what Julie has been reading on her own time recently.


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Host: Julie Strauss



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Feb 13, 2023

Douglas Bell is a former magician, engineer, and debut author of the novel “Cakewalk,” a novel about a cisgender man in Texas who falls in love with a transgender woman. Douglas and I talked about his unusual spiritual path, how one book changed his life outlook, and how meditation and reading are both paths...

Feb 6, 2023

Today I’m joined by Kim Sherwood, an author and creative writing lecturer at the University of Edinburgh. Kim’s newest release, "A Wild and True Relation," has the tremendous distinction of a gushing review by Dame Hilary Mantel herself, who said that Sherwood’s book is “a rarity – a novel as remarkable for...