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Best Book Ever

Aug 22, 2022

The only thing better than talking to Valerie Francis about writing is talking to Valerie Francis about reading. She is a writer and literary editor who thinks very deeply about story, and we had a blast talking about why Agatha Christie's classic "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd" is the Best Book Ever.

Note: this episode is spoiler-free!

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Host: Julie Strauss



Guest: Valerie Francis

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Discussed in this episode:

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Listen to Valerie talk about Gone Girl on the Story Grid Editor Roundtable Podcast (this is episode one of a seven-part deep dive)

The Inspector Rebus Novels by Ian Rankin (Note: there are 22 Inspector Rebus books, but they don’t have to be read in order)

Knives Out

Listen to Valerie talk about Knives Out on the Story Nerd Podcast

Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

Angela’s Ashes: A Memoir by Frank McCourt

The Maid by Nita Prose

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